The intramural sports program is a great way for students, faculty, and staff to recreate, get involved, and develop friendships. Men's, women's and co-ed leagues are available in all team sports. Leagues are structured within each division to accommodate different skill levels. Activities consist of individual, dual, and team sports, which include flag football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball and much more. Beyond play, the intramural sports program provides opportunities for students to gain employment on campus.

Come and enjoy the fun!

For all sign up information please go to IM Leagues

Intramural Sports Calender
Official's and Scorekeeper's Information

Interested in becoming an Intramural Official? Here is what you need to know:

  • No previous experience is required.
  • We will train you on any sport that we need officials for.
  • All officials are required to apply through the student employment website and must attach a resume.
  • A shirt will be provided for you, however you will need your own athletic shorts/pants and a preapproved whistle.
  • Once an officials is hired they will be working all sports that officials are offered.

Benefits of working as an Intramural Official include:

  • Flexible schedule and weekly hours.
  • The opportunity to improve upon leadership, teamwork, and conflict management skills (among many others).
  • Involvement on Campus
  • Officials receive $8.00 pay per hour
Registration Procedures


  1. Go to and click Create Account
  2. Enter your information, and use your School email ( and submit
  3. You will be sent an activation email, click the link in the email to login and activate your IMLeagues account.
  4. You should be automatically joined to your school-If not you can search schools by clicking the "Schools" link

**Note** IMLeagues offers a live support button in the top right corner of all pages, please use this button if you encounter any difficulties.

Sign up for a Sport

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click the Create/Join Team button at the top right of your User Homepage page IMLeagues
  3. The current sports will be displayed, click on the sport you wish to join.
  4. Choose the league you wish to play in (Men's, Women's, Co-Rec, etc.)
  5. Choose the division you'd like to play in.
  6. You can join the sport one of three ways

Create a team (For team captains)

Captains can invite members to their team by clicking the "Invite Members" link on the team page. Any invited members must accept the invitation to be joined to your team.

  1. If they've already registered on IMLeagues: search for their name, and invite them
  2. If they haven't yet registered on IMLeagues: scroll down to the "Invite by Email Address" box, and input their email address

Join a team

Use the Create/Join Team Button at top right of every page

  • Accepting a request from the captain to join his team
  • Finding the team and captain name on division/league page and requesting to join
  • Going to the captain's playercard page, viewing his team, and requesting to join

Join as a Free Agent

You can list yourself as a free agent in as many divisions within a league as you'd like. You will be visible to all members of the site and can request to join teams, or post information about yourself so teams can request to add you to their team

The IM Sports Office will also create teams off of the Free Agent list once there are enough to make a team for each sport


  1. You must come by the Student Recreation Center and pay the ENTRY FEE for that sport.
  2. Entry Fee (Methods of Payment):
    • Cash
    • Check Payable To - University of Tennessee at Martin
Skyhawk Point System

CoRec Gold Level Points Standings

Mens Gold Level Points Standings

IFC "All Sports Championship" Standings

NPC All Sports Championship Standings

Women's Gold Level Points Standings

Skyhawk Point Point System

Sport/EventCaptain's MeetingParticipationSportsmanship A, B, C or DSeason GamesPlacement 1st, 2nd, Semi-Finalist
7v7 Soccer50100100, 75, 50(10 * # won) + additional 15 for going undefeated100, 70, 40
Tennis Tourney25Singles -1025, 20, 15 30, 20, 10
  Doubles - 20   
3v3 Basketball252525, 20, 15 30, 20, 10
Disc Golf252525, 20, 16 30, 20, 10
7v7 Flag Football League50100100, 75, 50(10 * # won) + additional 15 for going undefeated100, 70, 40
2 Player Golf Scramble252525, 20, 15 30, 20, 10
Ping Pong252525, 20, 15 30, 20, 10
6v6 Volleyball50100100, 75, 50(10 * # won) + additional 15 for going undefeated100, 70, 40
Inner Tube Water Polo252525, 20, 15 30, 20, 10
5v5 Basketball League50100100, 75, 50(10 * # won) + additional 15 for going undefeated100, 70, 40
8 Ball Pool252525, 20, 15 30, 20, 10
Uno League252525, 20, 15 30, 20, 10
Pickleball252525, 20, 15 30, 20, 10
Kickball Tourney252525, 20, 15 30, 20, 11
Indoor Soccer50100100, 75, 50(10 * # won) + additional 15 for going undefeated100, 70, 40
Cornhole252525, 20, 15 30, 20, 10
10v10 Softball50100100, 75, 50(10 * # won) + additional 15 for going undefeated100, 70, 40
Ultimate Frisbee League252525, 20, 15 30, 20, 10

The Skyhawk Point System: How it Works

The Skyhawk Point System is based on a team’s ability to generate points in five different categories: participation, sportsmanship, number of games/matches/events won, meetings attended and team placement in each intramural team sport. The team sport and its point values are displayed within this handbook. The point system is designed to reward those teams who participate in the intramural program and at the same time maintain a good level of sportsmanship. A running total of points will be kept throughout the academic year for those teams who consistently participate in the program. A team must compete in 8 of the 15-team sports; maintain at least 50 percent of the original team and the original team name to be eligible for the point system. As teams accumulate points, they will be working toward levels of achievement. Teams may also have individuals participate in dual/solo events and accumulate points towards the team’s overall Skyhawk Points total.
Each level has been assigned point values accordingly. The two levels are gold and silver. Teams reaching 1,200 points will have attained the silver level. These teams will receive a certificate of recognition and have their picture on the Campus Recreation website. Teams accumulating 1,600 points will have attained the gold level. These teams will receive specially designed t-shirts, certificates of recognition and their picture featured in the Lobby of the Student Recreation Center. Teams are encouraged to participate in as many sports as possible.

Point System Breakdown

Each sport within the Skyhawk Point System will have five leagues. The leagues are Men’s Talon, Men’s Claw, Women’s Talon, Women’s Claw, and Jack and Jill.  Each of the five categories represented in the Skyhawk Point System have been assigned point values. The distribution of points in each sport can be found on the Skyhawk Point System Graph.

Participation points will make up a large number of the team’s total points. Participation points are awarded if a team competes in all scheduled events.

NOTE:  For each forfeit a 20 point deduction will be assessed.

Sportsmanship points are awarded according to the ratings received by a team. The ratings are based on evaluations completed by intramural staff. In order to qualify for the post-season tournament, a team must have a “B” (3.0) average sportsmanship rating or better during the regular season play. The criteria below will be used for the sportsmanship rating.

“A” – excellent conduct and sportsmanship: coaches, players and spectators cooperate fully with the officials, sport supervisors and opposing team members. The captain calmly converses with officials about interpretations and judgment calls. The captain also has complete control of the team members and himself/ herself.

“B” – average conduct and sportsmanship: coaches, players and spectators show verbal dissent toward officials, sport supervisors and/ or the opposing team members briefly during a contest which may or may not merit actions by the intramural staff. The captain exhibits good control over the team, and is in complete control of himself/herself. There are no blatant displays of overall poor sportsmanship, however a member of the team may have been penalized for a nonthreatening unsportsmanlike act.

“C” – below average conduct and sportsmanship: coaches, players and spectators constantly comment, argue and complain to intramural staff and opposing team members during a contest which may or may not merit actions by the intramural staff. Team captain has minor control over his/ her team and is generally in control of himself/ herself. Specific acts include but are not limited to abusive language, profanity toward an opponent, profanity from the sidelines, excessive arguing with an officials decision, taunting and opponent, or obscene gestures.

“D” – poor conduct and sportsmanship: coaches, players, and spectators constantly comment, argue and complain to intramural staff and opposing team members during a contest which merits action from intramural staff. Team captain has no control over his/her team or him/herself. Specific acts include but are not limited to fighting, profanity or threatening behavior towards and official, a flagrant foul, profanity from the sidelines, or repeated offenses on the same player.

NOTES: In the above description, the player(s) refers to all participants on a team. Teams receiving a “C” or “D” rating must have their captain meet with Coordinator of Intramurals prior to their next contest. A second “D” rating will automatically result in being dropped from league play. No refunds will be given.

Games and matches won are applied to a team’s total points, by multiplying the number of games or matches won by ten during season play. Each sports number is listed on the Skyhawk Point System Chart. Captain’s meeting points are given each time a team’s representative attends the captain’s meeting. Placement points are awarded at the end of the tournament.