Mission Statement

Building Services incorporates several diversified and yet unified departments. Each department works together to ensure that students, faculty and staff can live and work in an environment they can be proud of and that promotes learning.

Meet the Staff

The carpenter and paint shops are led by Matthew Hazlewood along with 6 skilled carpenters and 2 skilled painters. These shops are responsible for leading out on most departmental projects as well as every day work orders that include maintenance for all the roofs, doors, windows, ceilings, walls, floors, painting, sheetrock finishing, etc. The carpenter foreman is also responsible to help with project coordination efforts and estimating. The carpenter shop foreman also has input for local and capital projects on campus.

The plumbing shop is led by Larry Bondurant along with 2 skilled day shift and 1 night shift plumbers/pipe fitters. The plumbing shop maintains all the water, sewer, and gas lines on campus as well as coordinates with local authorities for connections and maintenance issues. The plumbing shop foreman also checks shops drawings, submittals, and has input for local and capital projects.

The electrical shop is led by Randy Pigg and 2 full time licensed electricians. They have the overwhelming task of maintaining all of the electrical systems on campus including all lighting, power, and fire alarm systems. The electrical foreman also helps review future design documents and verify synchronization of new products with existing conditions as well as work on small construction projects for departments on campus. They are very involved in all capital, local capital and campus projects.

The lock shop is led by Trent Hornbeak along with Mark Ellegood. They are responsible for all the door locks, cylinder codes, card readers, closures, desk/file locks, and key requests. They work together with Safety and Security to be sure UTM maintains the safe campus award winning status.