Mission Statement

The mission of the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning department is to ensure the comfort level of students, faculty and staff that is conducive to a learning environment. This department's responsibilities include maintaining and repairing all heating/cooling and ventilation systems, scheduling building management control systems for peak efficiency, maintaining refrigeration systems, repair and maintaining mechanical distribution systems for heating/cooling water and air distribution, and steam distribution across campus.

Meet the Staff

To accomplish this vast amount of work requires a skilled work force. This department includes the Steam Plant which is led by Dale Burton along with 7 full time employees operate an around-the-clock watch on the steam distribution system for the entire campus. The HVAC department which is led by David Rinks along with 7 full time employees handles the remainder of the campus heating/cooling/ventilation operations. Employees are trained and certified in refrigeration, electronic control systems, welding, and mechanical system operations.

In addition to maintaining existing equipment, foremen and staff are required to aid in design and review of plans for future operations including capital and local capital projects as well as campus departmental projects. Construction and renovation projects require weekly inspections as well as maintenance services to ensure proper connections to existing facilities and minimal interruptions of daily campus operations.

To schedule heating/cooling operations for after-hours events and activities, please email HVACSCHD@utm.edu.